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Here are some jokes that are hilarious

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1. If a women with big boobs works at hooters, where does a women with one leg work at?
Answer: I HOP

2. What does CVS stand for?
Answer: constipated violent squirrles

3. One day two men were sitting at a bar next to a women. Suddenly the women began to choke. One of the men walked over to her crounched down and licked her butt-cheek. Then he got back up and sat down. The other man looked at him and said "I've heard of the hine-lick before, but I've never seen it in action"!

4. One day a taxi driver sat in his car staring out the window. Not a single person needed a ride yet that day. Suddenly a man who looked like he was from another country asked for a ride. The taxi driver decided to play a joke on the man. The man asked the taxi driver to take him a few blockes down. Then the taxi driver said "Sir, don't you know what we do in this country?" "No.", The man answerd. "Well",the taxi driver continued,"As we drive we try to hit anybody we see along the way." "Okay.", the man said confused. The takie driver began to drive. Then he saw someone. He began to drive faster and faster towards the man. At the last second he turnd away. At the same time the man in the back opened his door. The taxie driver stopped the car and turned around, "Now you know I was only jokeing, right?" he said. The man in the back began to speak, "Really, because I got him."

5. One day a man from another country decided to move to the USA. He didn't understand english very well so he decided to go to a school to learn how to speak english. The teacher (Female) said, "Before you can come here you need to know three english words." He rememberd "Takeoff" from the airport. He still needed to now two more words. So he went to the zoo. He heard "Zebra". Then he tripped and hit his head so he had to go get it checked on. In the emergency room he heard the word "Baby". The next day he went back and said "Take off ze-bra baby!"

6. One day a guy brang cheese home to his wife. She asked "What kind of cheese is that?" He said "It's nacho." "How do you know that?" She said. Then he said "Well, when i stole it from the store the owner yelled at me and said, Hey! That's not-yo (nacho) cheese.
This joke was ment to be corny.

7. Once upon a time there lived a parrot and a pirate on a boat. The parrot was slow on concepts so it always copied the pirate a day after he said something. One night there was a huge whale. The pirate said "Holy (bleep)! Look at the size of that whale!". Then after about an hour a strong breeze blew by. The pirate said "Damn! That's one hell of a wind!". Then the waves got rough and threw the pirate over board. He said "Do something you (bleep)!". Then a whale started swimming close to the pirate. So he screamed "Holy (bleep)! The whale is coming to eat me! The parrot did nothing. So the pirate said "What the hell would you care for? Your just another useless (bleep) on this earth no one cares about." Then the parrot fell over board. So the pirate said "Swim you (bleep), swim!
After about a day the pirate and the parrot reached shore. They were thinkful that they were still alive so they went to church to thank God. When they got there the preist walked out on to the alter (The preist was fat). The parrot said"Holy (bleep)! Look at the size of that whale!" The preist was embarrased by the parrot and farted. The parrot said "Damn! That's one hell of a breeze!" The preist tried to ignore it and said "Let us have a moment of silence." The parrot said"Do somthing you (bleep)!" Then the preist got so annoyed he started to walk towards the pirate and parrot. The parrot screamed "Holy (bleep) The whale is coming to eat me!" The preist went up to them and said "What is your name?". And the parrot said "What the hell would you care for. Your just another (bleep) on this earth no one cares about!" The preist screamed "How do you expect to get to Heaven?". And the parrot said "Swim you (bleep), swim!"

8. What do you call an Italian girl with no brothers?
Answer: A Virgin

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We hope you enjoyed it.