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1. RHCP: Dani California

2. Nickleback: Savin' Me

3. MCR: Ghost Of You

4. Korn: Coming Undone

5. Nelly Furtado: Promiscuous

6. Fall Out Boy: Dance, Dance

7. DFB Lean Wit it Rock Wit it

8. Nickleback: Photograph

9. Shakira Hips Don't Lie

10. Yung Joc:It's Goin Down

11. Lil Jon: Snap Your Fingers

12. Nikelback :Far Away

13. The Bravery: Unconditional

14. Chamillionaire: Ridin'

15. Bubba Spaxxx: Ms. New Booty

16. Sean Paul: Temperature

17. All American Rejects: Dirty little secret

18. Weird Al: The Saga Begins

19.Weird Al: I Lost On Jeopardy

20.Weird Al: Like A Surgeon

21.Weird Al: Smells Like Nirvana

22.Weird Al: White And Nerdy

23.Weird Al: I Love Rocky Road

24.Tenatious D: Pick Of Destiny

25.Jibbs: Chain Hang Low

26.Werid Al Yankovic: Amish Paradise

27.Werid Al: Gump

28.Justin Timberlake: Sexyback

29.Bow Wow: Shortie Like Mine

30.Panic At The Disco: I Write Sins Not Tragedies

31.My Chemical Romance: Welcome to the Black Parade

32.Nelly: Grillz

37.Rihanna: S.O.S

34. Eminem: When I'm Gone

35.Ludacris: Money Maker

36.Sean Paul: We Be Burnin'

37. Evanenscence: Call Me When You're Sober

38. MCR: Helena

39. Taking Back Sunday: Make Damn Sure

40. MCR: I'm Not OK

41. MCR: Hang Em High

42. OK Go: Here it Goes Again

43. Breaking Benjimin: Diary of Jane

44. 30 Seconds to Mars: The Kill

45. Good Charolet: I Just Wanna Live

46. Avenged Seven Fold: The Beast and the Harlot

47. Weird Al: Trapped in the Drive-Thru

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